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Manchester Trade Limited, Inc.,

is a unique trade policy and investment advisory firm with a keen sense and natural knack for bringing people together to make deals.



Working closely with governments and companies on challenges and opportunity arising out of this new global dynamic, we are able to do things at a competency and  level most in our business cannot.

We work to build on existing trade policies, and where necessary, to develop entirely new models reflecting the reality that countries involved or industries affected are experiencing.

Ultimately, we strive to ensure the fluid factor of production movement  - goods, services, capital; technology - across international borders.

Considered thought leadership exemplars, Manchester Trade goes beyond providing information or just trade and investment regime analysis. 

Our recommendations and policy briefs are a blend of trade policy, its overall practical, legal and regulatory implementation, export promotion and development assistance. 

We actively help governments, firms, parastatals, and NGOs position their products and services as well as is advantageously possible in free and fair trade scenarios.

And on top of our astute market analysis, we progressively advocate for both country and regional growth and development because of the invaluable equitable benefit this has on both hemispheres. 


Our insights help our clients and stakeholders better understand how governments react to elements of global trade dynamics, and what these aspects portend for countries, organizations, and businesses. 


We have conducted comprehensive studies of various aspects of various national trade laws; and also on the multilateral and plurilateral WTO Agreements on Trade in Goods and Services.

Privileged to add value to the Africa Growth

Opportunity Act, and the Caribbean Basin Initiative,

we additionally lent a hand to a whole host of free

trade agreements including between the U.S. and

Canada, with Mexico, South Korea, Bahrain,

Colombia and Morocco.

We also contributed to:

- The North American Free Trade Agreement

- The Andean Trade Preference Act

- The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

- The Free Trade Agreement negotiations

  between the U.S., Panama, Peru and Colombia

- The Dominican Republic - Central America 

  Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. 


To serve our clients, we retain in-house + external expertise in labor, energy, agribusiness,
maritime security, infrastructure, environment, and port modernization among others.

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