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To grow the diversity of this
great nation and its sources of economic development, the United States offers green cards to foreign investors under the EB-5 Visa Program.
Manchester Trade Limited, Inc. through qualified associates will act as an intermediary between foreign investors and the land of endless opportunity. 
If you want to create jobs in the world's largest consumer market, contact us.

Now, you're only a few steps away from securing you and your family's future. 



Throughout his career, he has been

party to innovation solutions and overcoming

daunting challenges. He obtained his BAfrom the City University of New York, City College, and his JD from the Boston University School of Law, and currently has 28 years of extensive

federal and state legal experience, in both Michigan and Massachusetts.


Since joining Manchester Trade in 2014,

Mr. Farinha has marketed and developed

it’s EB-5 Investment Program, categorizing and developing identifiable Investment Centers in New York, Hawaii, Atlanta, Vermont, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico, amongst others. He has also implemented and designed Seminars for this project in Jordan, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and identifiable African markets to open the project to select financial investors.


Mr. Farinha has applied his court room experience to the business sector identifying and developing for investment projects in Egypt, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen from 2006 to the present. He is currently an advisor to the Yemeni Chamber of Commerce in the U.S.



Based in Washington, D.C., Femi is a Nigerian

national with over 30 years of experience in 

business advisory and the strategic facilitation 

of trade delegations from Africa. 


Personable and steeped in the art of diplomatic nuance, he is a passionate

humanist and the quintessential relationship

builder – one with an invaluable wealth

of contacts in both the United States and Nigeria, and other parts of Africa and the world.

Femi effectively advocates the advancement

of Africa’s collective economic development

through infrastructural development and

regional integration.

He's President of Ekababa, LLC, and helped

create the U.S. - South Sudan Chamber of Commerce. ​He is advising the Southern Sudanese government on soft and hard infrastructure.


Femi frequents D.C. radio stations as a syndicated speaker and panelist on Africa and other aspects

of development. .

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