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At Manchester Trade, we succinctly break down complex policy aspects into palatable briefs and talking points - helping to generate and craft responses to these policies while keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients and their respective stakeholders.

We’ve been intimately involved in developing policy within the U.S. government for over 4 decades, and now leverage this experience to assist foreign governments, private firms & state related agencies in dealing with the
world’s largest singular economy.


Those with a stake in guarding against effects of a particular policy come to us first; those keen on maximizing the benefits of a certain program are better served by consulting with us; and anyone who seeks to reduce barriers or obstacles to the lucrative American market is at an advantage simply from speaking to us.

Our past & present clients have gone on to successfully implement programs and policies for their respective stakeholders and people, and our U.S. trade legislation initiatives have provided clients with relief from the unnecessary burden that may emanate from not having
an appropriate response to policy.


The period in which any government agency or private company prepares to enter a new market or expand in an existing one is usually very technical and delicate - a task made even more arduous when dealing with the U.S.

This is why you need as good a

friend as we are.


On top of providing strategic support and advisory to heads of government, institutions and corporations, Manchester Trade is adroit at putting together the right building block mix to successful deals.

We will also introduce missions or individuals to

groups such as local real estate developers, technology associates, various chambers of commerce; additionally facilitate access to policy makers and government officials who should help them achieve their goals.


The world has changed. Everyone is a journalist through their ‘tweets’ and ‘updates’ and can, in a heartbeat, be a business leader, diplomat or cultural broker. The whiff of scandal or impropriety will shake the core of a regime or government, or even bring down a business titan
just by going ‘viral.’


Under normal circumstances, a rapid response unit is meant to react to things. However, in our business, we must respond to innuendo, nuance and impression. And while some in this business promise access to influential decision makers, they sometimes choose to impress their clients with big names who may have lost influence as
opposed to much less well-known rising stars.


This is where Manchester Trade excels.


Not only are we on top of the shifting plexus upon which U.S. policy making is based. Importantly, we succinctly separate our contacts into ‘influencers’ + ‘decision makers’ and guide clients on nuance to consider at meetings - ‘arming & facilitating’ them

with rapid memos containing up-to-date dynamics + intelligence so that they can achieve the most from

their visit; even if we only have a 2-day notice.

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